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The Union Difference

  • Union pay is higher.
  • Union wages are higher for women and minorities.
  • Union workers have better benefits.
  • Union workers are more productive.
  • Union workers have greater job stability.
  • Workers of all ages belong to unions.
  • Union members work together for mutual protection and benefits.

Workers have basic rights. Freedom to join a union is one of the most important rights. What does being a union member mean?

  • Being a union member can improve your life.
  • Being union means protecting your family.
  • Being union means enjoying the “union advantage”- working under a collectively-bargained agreement that brings bigger paychecks, better health and retirement benefits, more secure jobs, and a better future for your family.
  • Being union means having a voice on the job and in the union, increased workplace productivity, safe working conditions, and living wage standards that benefit your community.

Political Issues
What is a Collective Bargaining Agreement and why is the Right to Organize important to working families?

A Collective Bargaining Agreement is an instrument for establishing terms and conditions of employment, which traditionally consists of scope of work, work schedule, wages and benefits, vacation and holiday time, seniority, and a grievance procedure. This agreement may also contain office policy and procedure and other negotiated terms of employment.

This right to organize is important to working families because it puts the terms of employment in the hands of the worker, that person who is contributing to the health and prosperity of the business. It is beneficial for both the employer and employee as it leads to high retention of employees, a more productive workforce and offers an agreement that is mutually agreed upon.

This country’s greatest assets is its workforce.

What is a Living Wage?

Living Wage is a term to describe the minimum income an individual or a family must have to provide for the basic survival needs. America’s unions have fought long battles to gain fair wages, legislative campaigns for minimum wages and prevailing wages all for the protection of working people. Regardless of the state of the Nation’s economy, there are still many families struggling to make ends meet. Where taxpayers’ money, these same struggling families, provide tax breaks and financial subsidies to corporations in our state, county or city, the taxpayers’ money should also provide the outline for the living wage required in that same area. Corporations should not expect tax dollars to support their business venture on the front end and then not supply the employees at the back end with wages and benefits that will enable them to rise above poverty. This brings accountability back to the employer.

Fact: The wage level in 1998, a full time worker employed year round would need to make $7.89 an hour to rise above poverty level for a family of four, ($16,400).

What does it really mean? At the end of a day, the living wage movement is a fight for fairness in our communities. Unions are proud to play a leading role in this movement.

Why is it so important to working families that you honor labor members request that you not only use, but promote, the use of union services and buy union made products when available such as automobiles, home repairs, printing companies, airlines, promotional products, caterers, secretaries, janitors, etc.?

The union label on a product, the union card held by members, the union shop or union store all signify QUALITY goods and services. These emblems also attest that the employees who make these products or provide these services are skilled workers who are treated fairly by their employers. These are found in many places, from home appliances and automobiles to bakery products, from shoes to skyscrapers, from clothing and printed products to pens and signs.

Smart shoppers look for the union label – not only because it means quality goods and services but also benefits our own communities as these union workers spend well earned fair pay locally.

We urge each of you to patronize union businesses, buy union products and use and promote union services at every opportunity.

Fact: America works best when we say and shop Union “YES:

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