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Union Calendar

This year could be a challenging year for union members and all working Missourians in general. Although the Labor Movement has taken steps to build allies within the Republican parties in Missouri, our members should still make their voices heard to their elected officials telling them to oppose any anti-worker legislation that may be proposed.

All of us know organized labor built the middle class and created nearly all benefits and working conditions enjoyed by all workers. We have seen a gradual decline in overall union membership as well as a decline in the perceived need for union representation for workers. Right-to-Work across the country has led to lower wages, reduced benefits and an increase in worker anxiety. There are several ways to express our feelings to Michigan and Missouri legislators that Right-to-Work is not an economic stimulus that will create jobs in mass quantities across their states. SMART RTW email

At the bottom of the page is a link to a video from a news show that was aired Monday, December 10th. The Michigan State House Democratic Leader-Elect Tim Greimel discusses lack of transparency by Gov. Rick Snyder and the state legislature. Greimel calls the vote “slap in the face to democracy.” Representative Greimel gave an excellent description of what Right-to-Work is and why it is a bad idea. Take a few minutes to watch the video and tell all your friends family and most important, your State Representative and Senator why Right-to-Work is a bad idea.

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