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Continuing Education
Aug 09, 2022

Upcoming Continuing Education Classes

Class Description Dates Days Time Spots Open
GMAW This class is for people of all welding skill levels. This class will cover both theory and hands-on. Each night there will be some time spent in the classroom, with a majority of the time in the welding shop. In this class the student will learn about: welding safety, basic welding terminology, basic weld symbols, pros/cons of GMAW, power sources and GMAW equipment, different polarities, GMAW filler materials, gases used in GMAW, push and pull methods, welding joints, welding in all positions, GMAW metal transfers, filler materials, welding in all positions and much more. 5p-8p 8
AutoCAD - Basic This class is an introduction to AutoCAD. 5p-8p 8
GTAW This class is for people who have strong welding skills in SMAW and GMAW. This class will cover both GTAW theory and hands-on. Each night there will be some time spent in the classroom, with a majority of the time in the welding shop. This class will cover: welding safety, basic welding terminology, basic weld symbols, pros/cons of GTAW, power sources and equipment, different polarities, filler materials, gases used, welding different metals, welding in all positions, using pulse arc and much more.  5p-8p 8
Testing & Balancing 10/10/22-TBD Mon/Wed 5p-8p 4
Service - Basic 9/13/22-TBD Tue/Thur 5p-8p 0
Ventilation Verification (Part 2) PRE-REQUISITE: Ventilation Verification Part 1 (Online iTi Class) 9/7/22-TBD Mon/Wed 6

Ventilation Verification Courses

Important Notice: To All Local #2 Members

We are asking that you notify us when you sign up for any Ventilation Verification Course. This will help us track the number of sign ups and interest of members so that we can report back to the Training Committee. Please notify the JATC @ (816) 353-0038 or craig@sheetmetal2jatc.org when any member starts the Ventilation Verification Courses.

Ventilation Verification for Indoor Air Quality – Part 1 (self-paced - Online)

This course is intended for all journey-level and apprentice SMART members that wish to become Indoor Air Quality Technicians. It covers the basics of indoor air quality as well as training in the processes of verifying the ventilation, filtration and physical properties of the air inside a building as it relates to the building’s existing HVAC system.

The incorporation of the material surrounding Ventilation Veri?cation into this course has drawn substantial content from the ITI’s existing “Testing, Adjusting and Balancing” (TAB) curriculum into this course. This content has been listed as appendix items, and relevant appendix sections for each Unit are identified at the beginning of each Unit.  Consequently, the time required to complete this course will vary considerably depending on the person's TAB knowledge and experience prior to taking this course.  Certified TAB technicians and those with considerable TAB experience may be able to complete this course in as little as 8 hours, while individuals without TAB experience will take considerably more time to complete this course.

Successful completion of this course will be documented by the ITI with a Certificate of Course Completion. To become an ICB Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician, you will have to then ask your local training coordinator to schedule a certification exam through the International Certification Board.

It will take an estimated 8 hours to complete the course, and it is eligible for 8 ICB CEUs.

To complete this course, you must view all content in Lessons 1-8 and obtain a 70% or greater on all Unit 1-8 Quizzes.

Sign-up Instructions

Launch your internet browser and navigate to our website

  • https://www.sheetmetal-iti.org/Default
  • Hover over “Training”, select “Online Classes”
  • Scroll down to the name of the class, select “Ventilation Verification for Indoor Air Quality”
  • After selecting the class, you will be redirected to our online learning site and may need to login on that site to gain access to the class.

Ventilation Verification for IAQ  – Part 2 In-Person

This course will be a hands-on follow-up to the Ventilation Verification for Indoor Air Quality – Part 1 (self-paced Online) prerequisite Part 1 using the new curriculum content released in 2021. It is intended for those members with limited knowledge and experience in the Indoor Air Quality or Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing fields. It will comprise instructor-led lab sessions for in-person lab experience with hands-on tool knowledge and form understanding.  The in-person component will be a three-week class 2 nights a week with an instructor-led lab session using tools and equipment safely at a training facility.

Note: The prerequisite for this course is the Ventilation Verification for Indoor Air Quality – Part 1: Online course and must be completed successfully to proceed.

Upon completing both the online and in-person components, the participants will have the knowledge and understanding of Indoor Air Quality/Ventilation Verification to help grow our industry to keep up with the new and ever changing demand for work.

Please get in touch with the JATC (816-353-0038) once you have your completion certificate from the part 1 course and want to be put on the list for this upcoming Ventilation Verification for IAQ  – Part 2 In-Person class. The JATC will then notify you of the scheduled class dates.

SMART Local 2
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