SMART Local Union No. 2MARKET RECOVERY PROGRAMJob Number:This Form must be received AT LEAST THREE (3) WORKING DAYS PRIOR to the Bid Date.REQUEST DATEBID DATEBID TIMEPROJECT NAMEGeneral ContractorSite AddressMechanical ContractorCityStateEstimated Start DateCountyZipEstimated Completion DateCompany Requesting Target:Company Contact:Company Email:Shop Hours: ________ Field Hours: ________ Total Hours: ____________Concessions Granted:Hours at $Per Hour Total Dollars Granted $_________________ Granted By:There will be no field hours paid on any Prevailing Wage projects.This Project is: Federal Prevailing Wage ☐/State Prevailing Wage ☐/Local Prevailing Wage ☐/None ☐Scope of Work in Question: HVAC ☐/ Architectural ☐/ Industrial ☐/ Other ☐_________________Remarks:LIST OF NON-UNION CONTRACTORS BIDDING JOBContractorUnionNon-UnionUnknown1.2.3.4.Subcontractors: If you are subcontracting any work covered by the CBA you must list the contractor and type of work. If you arepurchasing material it must follow Rule #7 in the Rules for Contractor Eligibility. If the contractor has been found to using productsmanufactured out of Local 2’s jurisdiction, the money will be revoked and the Market Recovery job will be canceled.SubcontractorFabricationTABInsulationControlsOther (List)1.2.3.Are you receiving Market Recovery funds from another craft? Yes___(craft/s) ________________ NO_____Contractor Notification of Job Status:Was Project Secured? YES ____NO ____ DATE:NOTICE BY:For Union Use:Memo of Understanding & Timesheet Sent to Contractor:Memo Received from Contractor:Memo Approved: